6 Essential Considerations to Make When Choosing a Shipping Route and Port

February 03, 2020

A short shipping route with ports that are close to your business and less burdened by cargo may expedite your cargo shipping and reduce your expenses. But sometimes the shortest and cheapest shipping route may not always be the best for your shipment. Most cargo shippers often consider the shipping price to be the determining factor when choosing a route and port. But this isn't always the best consideration because the nearest and cheapest port may lack the technology to handle the kind of shipment that you're importing or exporting.

This blog post highlights some of the six most important considerations that you'll need to make when choosing a shipping route and port for your import-export transportation.

Customs, Procedures, and Regulations

Customs, procedures, and regulations are different across nations. They may also differ from port to port. For instance, New York ports' custom procedures and regulations may be different from New Jersey Ports or a port in Portland or Milwaukee. Some ports also have unique custom regulations for specific goods. As such, it may be appropriate to use a specific port over others when your type of cargo calls for the use of a port equipped to handle your shipment.

Port Location

Almost all shippers choose to use the closest port to ship their cargo because such ports are cheap and accessible. For instance, when shipping from Mexico to New York it's better to use the New York Ports, instead of using the Corpus Christi port in Texas even though it's close to Mexico.


Some ports are more equipped than others. Ports with the best cargo handling technology are more efficient and reliable than ports with a limited technological capacity to handle some types of cargo. Ports with advanced cargo handling systems can allow you to track your shipment with ease. The state-of-the-art technology in ports such as the New York Ports also helps in minimizing human errors and improving the operations of the port.

Trucker Availability

LTL trucking companies provide essential logistic transportation services in moving your shipment from the ports to your warehouse. But some ports have a shortage of trucking companies and freight services. As such, you should always check whether your preferred port has enough trucking services and companies.


Large ports provide direct services to their clients because they have many vessels and carriers. These ports also offer low prices and you can get easy access to truckers, equipment pools, custom brokers and other many parties in the supply chain logistics who are close to large ports.


Climate patterns can impact ports in many different ways making some ports more prone to closures due to bad weather. Such closures may delay your shipment or put your cargo at risk. As such, if the New York Ports are prone to closures it's always prudent to choose any port away from the climate-related problems or at least ship to the New York Ports in seasons with a fair climate.

Infrastructure Availability

The infrastructure at a port determines how well and fast your cargo can reach your designated destination. As such, you should select a port with more harbor depth and accessible waterways to make sure that your shipment will pass through its system without delays.

Import and export freight moving through the U.S made up 21.1% of the value and 11.8% tons of freight moved in 2012. Projections show that the percentage of value may rise to 39.3% and the tons may increase to 17.5% by 2045. This implies that ports will have more work to do by 2045 and they'll need to equip and expand their capacities.

Choosing an ideal port and shipping route will ensure that you get your cargo in time as the handled cargo increases. It will also ensure that you get your shipment through a port that is well-equipped to handle all your shipments. As such, make a careful consideration by looking at all the cited points when making a choice so that you can get your shipment delivered on time.

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6 Essential Considerations to Make When Choosing a Shipping Route and Port

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